The Function of the Calf Muscle Pump

It takes one easy heartbeat to pump the oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the lower leg and foot. However, it requires several strong heartbeats to force blood back to the heart.

This is where the CMP comes in to play. When it is active, it works as the body’s secondary heart and helps to propel blood back to the heart.

However, the CMP works only when the leg is active and optimized during regular walking exercise. When the leg is resting, the CMP shuts down and blood circulation is significantly reduced.

StepIt™ - the Calf Muscle Pump Booster!

StepIt™ was innovatively designed to simulate the true walking motion for those unable to exercise for any given time. StepIt™ promotes the full-cycle-walking-motion including the most important movement for the optimization of the CMP’s function—the heel rise motion.

The heel rise motion contracts the CMP which squeezes the veins and propels the venous blood back to the heart. Reversed flow—or reflux—is prevented by the presence of one-way valves in the veins.